Topping for jewelery design

Design your own personal Dyrberg/Kern Compliments ring or bracelet with a unique topping for jewelery design.
When you have chosen your favorite threaded ring, you will find the topping that best suits your style, and thus you have your very own design on your finger.
The same applies to bracelet ends. Once your favorite model has been selected, you can personalize the bracelet with a beautiful design topping.

Be inspired by all our unique toppings and replace them as you wish. That way, you have the opportunity to wear one or more new pieces of jewelry every day.

Design a personal Dyrberg/Kern piece of jewelry with a topping

With our Compliments collection, you yourself the opportunity to put together your jewelery according to your mood and your outfit. You can screw the toppings on and off and at the same time change them out on your ring and bracelet, exactly as you want.

Whether you like colors, bling bling or a simpler style, you can change the topping on your ring and bracelet as needed and what expression you want to show to the outside world.

Topping for every type of woman

Can it all be a little too monotonous and boring? And does this also apply to your jewelry and especially your rings and bracelets?  Then Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern is just the thing for you.
The many toppings that you will find here from the series are exactly what make your ring and bracelet personal.
Here you will find a large selection of toppings for jewelery designs, so there is sure to be one – and even more – that fits the ring and bracelet that you have chosen as your favourite.

Mix and match rings and bracelets with toppings for jewelry

Our assortment of toppings for jewelry designs consists of a huge selection of beautiful models and designs. With the large selection of bracelets and rings that you will also find with us, you therefore have dozens of options for putting together your jewelery with toppings that suit your personality.

With the many different toppings that you can screw on the ring or bracelet, you can completely change the expression of your piece of jewellery.
The large selection means that you can choose toppings for your jewelry that match your different outfits or add some color to an all-black look.

Do you like your jewelry to match each other? , you can choose to add the same topping to both ring and bracelet.

Buy topping for jewelery design online

You will find topping for jewelery design here on the page, so you can design your own personal ring and bracelet to match your mood and outfit.
Our toppings are available in gold, silver and rose gold and with colored natural stones, sparkling Swarovski stones and much more. You can therefore choose several toppings, so that you can replace everything according to what suits the individual day.

Here at Dyrberg/Kern, you will find a sea of toppings for rings and bracelets to choose from and only your creative abilities and imagination decide. You will find decorations such as classic plain stones and pearls, but also minimalist Swarovski stones, beautiful roses, colored balls and hearts with or without stones.
Our toppings are available in different sizes and price ranges. The common denominator for all of them is that they fit all our rings and bracelets from the Compliments collection.