Design your own Dyrberg/Kern ring

With Compliments you can design your own Dyrberg/Kern ring. The rings are available in different sizes, thicknesses and metals, on which you can attach a wide variety of precious stones, pearls and other forms of decoration.

Design your own Dyrberg/Kern ring that you can choose to wear alone or in your own combination of several rings together. Simply unleash your imagination and creativity and create personality on your hands.

Design your own personal and unique ring

Creativity and originality are the code words that denote the rings from Compliments Dyrberg/Kern. The series allows you to design your own personal ring, so you don't have to compromise on your own personal style.
By designing your own Dyrberg/Kern ring, it is possible to put together, design and redesign your rings according to the latest trends, mood, personality and occasion.

Mix and match your own personally designed ring< /h4>Compliments rings from Dyrberg/Kern are available in a myriad of different designs, thicknesses and metal colors such as silver, gold and rose gold. You will find everything from simple rings to more flashy rings with clear or colored zircons. What all the rings have in common is that you can design your own personal Dyrberg/Kern ring, whereby you can create your own personal piece of jewellery.

Complete your look with a personal Dyrberg/Kern ring

Finger rings have always been the most popular piece of jewelry for women, and nothing has changed in that regard. It is said that rings have been the piece of jewelery which has been most central when it comes to traditions, antiquity and not least symbolic value.
Rings often symbolize a relationship, and giving and receiving a ring is something that creates value and togetherness. By designing your own Dyrberg/Kern ring, you can give yourself or a woman you love a personal gift that will bring joy.

Rings are one of those accessories that are very personal and that can have a decisive effect on the overall expression that your entire outfit radiates.
Here at Dyrberg Kern, you can design your own ring in the material you want and with pearls, stones, crystals or other decoration that suits you and your personal style.
With a finger ring in a personal design, you get a completely personal piece of jewelery that can complete your look.

Are you in doubt about which size Dyrberg/Kern ring you should have?

h4>The difference between buying a ring online and in a physical store is of course that you can try the rings on in a physical store and thus find the right size that fits your fingers.

When you have to design your own Dyrberg/Kern ring online, it is therefore a clear advantage to order the right size from the start.

In our Dyrberg/Kern ring size guide below you can find out which size you need order when you want a personal Dyrberg/Kern ring:

Size in mm (inside)
15.2 mm = Size 0: 48

16.2 mm = Size 1: 51

17.2 mm = Size 2: 54

18.1 mm = Size 3: 57

19.1 mm = Size 4: 60

20.0 mm = Size 5: 63