Dyrberg/Kern gold jewellery

If you love gold jewellery, then you should take a look at our large selection of exclusive Dyrberg/Kern gold jewellery.
Gold is the epitome of exclusivity and good style, and on this page you can choose from a large selection of gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets and gold earrings.

Dive into our universe of gold jewelery for women and be inspired for the next piece of jewelry that you want to be part of the contents of your jewelry box.

Dyrberg/Kern gold jewelry for everyday and party

Is if there's one thing women love, it's jewelry. It can sometimes be difficult to find jewelery that suits all occasions. With our gold jewelery you will never go wrong in the city, as they suit every occasion. Regardless of whether it is for everyday use or for a party, a beautiful Dyrberg/Kern gold piece of jewelery will be suitable. You can spice it up or down by adding several pieces of jewelry together, thereby creating your own personal look.

18 carat gold jewelry

Dyrberg Kern has created numerous 18 carat gold jewelery for women of all ages. On this page you will find the entire large selection of gold-plated jewellery.
All our gold jewelery compliments the woman who is looking for jewelery in timeless material and beautiful designs. The jewelery is composed of modern, sophisticated and beautifully sparkling cubic zirconia or natural stones.

Give a personalized Dyrberg/Kern gold piece of jewelery as a gift

A piece of jewelery often holds a very special memory , and is therefore the perfect gift idea for someone you care about, or perhaps just for yourself when you think you have earned something special.
If you want to give a beautiful piece of gold jewelery of Danish design and quality, you will find here jewelery for every occasion.
If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, confirmation gift, Mother's Day gift or a "just because" gift, you can explore our entire universe of gold jewelery and be inspired by the many possibilities.

Would you like delight your friend, sister, mother, girlfriend or any woman in your life, then a Dyrberg/Kern gold piece of jewelery is the perfect gift that will bring joy to every recipient.

Maintenance of Dyrberg/Kern gold jewellery

A coating means that a layer of gold has been placed on top of another metal. In our Dyrberg/Kern gold jewelry, this is placed on top of sterling silver. We therefore recommend that you take care of your jewelery and wear it with care.
For everyday use, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Always take off your jewelry when you go to bed
  • Avoid washing your hands with your rings on and always take them off when you shower, play sports, clean etc.
  • When you are not wearing your jewellery, it is recommended that you store the jewelery in a closed fabric bag, plastic bag etc. In this way you avoid oxidation of the jewellery
  • Clean your jewelery regularly with a soft cloth, neutral detergent and lukewarm water. However, it is important that you keep your pearl jewelery away from washing-up liquid and perfume, as otherwise they will lose their shine
  • Add your jewelery as the last step in your daily beauty routine. Perfume, creams, make-up and hairspray can damage the gold coating on your jewellery

Buy your new Dyrberg/Kern gold jewelery online

A Dyrberg/Kern gold piece of jewelery can create a personal look, as it can be mixed and matched crosswise with other jewellery. At the same time, it can also have great significance if you have received it from a very special person or for a special occasion.

Here you will find our entire large selection of beautiful gold jewelry, which will bring joy to every woman recipient.