Design your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet

Have you always dreamed of designing your own bracelet? Then you don't have to look any further, as you can design your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet on this page.
You can therefore easily design your own bracelet consisting of toppings that suit your individual style.

Find your favorite bracelet on this page and then dive into our selection of toppings, which will help to personalize your Compliments bracelet

Become your own designer of your dream bracelet

In our Compliments series you can become your own jewelery designer by designing your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet. By adding toppings that suit your personal style, you can design a beautiful bracelet consisting of toppings in handmade Danish design.

A unique bracelet designed by yourself is also a perfect gift, as it is a very personal gift that shows the recipient how well you know her and not least that you care for her.

Only the imagination sets the limits

Go on a discovery in our universe with the Compliments collection and design your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet. With Compliments, you can easily create your own personal piece of jewelery from scratch, or you can scroll over the bracelets with the mouse to see examples of which toppings you can possibly choose.

The bracelet can be customized according to your personal wishes and style. For example, buy one or more beads or elements and replace them according to your mood and outfit.
The Compliments bracelets are available in silver and gold-plated, open and closed bracelets, with or without stones - there are many possibilities for you to design your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet.

Design bracelets from Dyrberg/Kern

Compliments is a collection of fine jewelery and associated toppings, so you can make your own personal Dyrberg/Kern design bracelet. Compliments is a concept where you can assemble your bracelet yourself and exchange the toppings with others.

As a start, you can buy a finished bracelet and then buy other decorations with stones or toppings with hearts, roses or other decorative, which will personalize your bracelet.

How to design your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet

The concept of designing your own Dyrberg/Kern bracelet is quite simple. There are just a few simple steps you have to go through:

1. Choose material

2. Select bracelet model

3. Choose toppings

You can combine toppings and material exactly as you wish to suit your personality and style. The bracelets are available in both gold or silver, and there are many different models and designs to choose from. The same applies to our toppings, which are also available in different styles, shapes and materials.

Dive into our universe of design yourself bracelets

Can't get enough of jewellery, or are you looking for the perfect gift for a very special woman you care about? Then you should take a closer look at our beautiful bracelets on this page, which you can design yourself.

You can find all bracelets in both silver and gold, on which you can add beautiful toppings that suit any mood and outfit – for both everyday life and more festive occasions.
With a Compliments bracelet, you can design your own personal piece of jewelery that stands out from the crowd.