Find watches that cater to every need your heart desires; ranging from sporty, leisurely, classic to elegant sparkling watches. 

Dyrberg/Kern Watches

Whether you are looking for a cool, graceful watch as a statement, a bold and modern “boyfriend” watch or super feminine wristwatches with decorative details, you’ve come to the right place with watches from Dyrberg/Kern.

The watch collection from Dyrberg/Kern has an emphasis on classic forms and the watch as a piece of jewelry. Refreshing and modern tendencies are furthermore mixed in with the details. If you are looking for a watch that has been made in long lasting materials and in a solid design and at the same time has a timeless elegant and modern look we guarantee you’ll find your match in Dyrberg/Kern watches.

Modern and charming boyfriend watches

The bold and super modern unisex fashion style is - despite what one might think - considered some of the most sexy and hot stuff of our time. But how can this be reflected in wristwatches that usually is divided pretty strictly in “mens watches” and “womens watches”?

Dyrberg/Kern has the answer in the shape of our collection of elegant “boyfriend watches” in luxurious materials and simple designs with crispy details. In the beautiful balance between the masculine and bold in the black shades and shiny metal surfaces, braided arm chains and cool marble discs.

In this more edgy part of fashion within womens watches, you also get the choice of high quality materials for your wristwatch: japanese Miyota-clock, a high degree of water repellent, powerful battery, removable parts and not least scratch-resistant mineral glass. These components also make the wristwatches suitable for sporty occasions and for dressing sharp for work.

Hyper-feminine and timeless womens watches

But fashion also dictates female empowerment and putting your feminine attributes ahead - with all things glittery, pink, pastel and golden, soft metals. That’s why the newest collection of Dyrberg/Kern is inspired by timeless designs on watches - pretty, minimalistic dials, at times decorated with Swarovski-crystals and not least extravagant simple watchbands in stainless precious metals either gold- or silver-plated or in the rose gold look.

A watch is a piece of jewelry that can highlight your style and follow you everywhere - and a companion like that can take time to find. In our collection of elegant womens watches we’ve turned up the feminine fragility and female strength, guaranteeing you will find a watch right after your taste - whether you’re into classic womens watches or a more modern, eye-catching take on the watchband or watch dial.

How to maintain your watch and avoid scratches

A watch can be your faithful companion throughout the years and one can feel naked and lost without it around the wrist. Take good care of your watch and it’ll last as long as you need it - take our best advice on watch maintenance:

  • Wash your watch in gentle hand soap once a week and make sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards. You can also use a cloth to clean the watch dial and wrist chain in depth
  • Even when a watch has scratch-resistant mineral glass it can still get micro scratches or cracks. Keep an eye on these - don’t make matters worse, but let a professional polish your watch and its dial
  • Change the battery in your watch every 4-5 years.