Whether you are looking for a classic ring for a day at the office or a larger cocktail ring for a party be sure to find it here. 

Dyrberg/Kern Rings

Dyrberg/Kern equals elegant rings in quality materials and finger rings in feminine designs that can be mixed and matched - and you’ll even find daring and stylish cocktail rings in our big catalogue.

A ring is not solely a symbol of marriage - elegant finger jewelry can highlight personality and a powerful personal drive! At Dyrberg/Kern’s you can both find iconic neo-classics within the scope of finger rings with sparkling facet cut crystals and nature stones as agate, jasper and rose quartz.

In the popular and individualistic Compliments collection of minimalistic rings you’ll find both the iconic Dyrberg/Kern-rings in gold finish or silver finish with a delicate band of Swarovski-crystals as well as an offer of classic and simple designs with or without gemstones.

Princess for a day - every day!

Are you on the lookout for the rare combination of sharp minimalism and feminine joy of glitter, you’re guaranteed to find something in our catalogue: we offer a broad spectre of simple and classic ‘princess rings’ with a simple stand-out nature stone or facet cut crystal, and mostly the choice between rings with a finish of gold or silver.

Sexy, trendy rings and updated retro finger rings

The edgy and large cocktail rings returns every year to the fashion magazines - and they are lovely, but are they a fit for a normal Tuesday? Of course they are - because at Dyrberg/Kern’s you’ll find cocktail rings in a clean design in stainless steel that prioritizes both practicalities and the grandeur of fashion rings on a bigger scale.

Are you looking for an expressive ring with a big stone or crystal, we have a number of options in our catalogue. In other words, you don’t have to look through your grandmother’s jewelry box to get your hands on rings with the elegant and charismatic retro style from the 1950s. At Dyrberg/Kern’s you’ll get an updated version of timeless design with minimalistic metal frames and large beautiful crystals glimmering from every angle.

How do I maintain my Dyrberg/Kern rings?

Most of the rings are basically made in either stainless precious metals or brass and most of the models has gotten a beautiful and long lasting finish from being gold or silver plated. Rings with nature stone, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones needs good care, so follow our tips for great and safe ring maintenance.

  • Take your ring off, when you’re washing your hands or when you do the dishes or cleaning. Harsh soaps and big quantities of water can wear out the enmale on the finger rings or you can be unlucky and accidently tear out the crystals
  • Keep your rings in a dark jewelry box, when they’re not in use - sunlight oxidizes the metal, and the ring can be scratched in contact with other jewelry
  • Polish your rings often with a soft cloth with a little dishwashing soap or even a special soap for the purpose. Your rings can last many years without discolouring and you’ll be able to discover in time if a crystal is about to fall out of the frame.