Dress up or down with a pair of beautiful earrings in our designs ranging from small studs and hoops to large chandelier earrings. 

Dyrberg/Kern Earrings

Turn your outfit and your style into something unique with our beautiful earrings, earstuds, elegant ear hangers and creols. Our products are handmade, the design is danish and the original and the wonderful quality materials stands out in every detail.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of earrings to match your party dress, or a pair of earstuds for your everyday glamour, or have you been searching for forever for that special pair of earrings that matches your personal style completely - then you’ve come to the right place!

At Dyrberg/Kern’s we take care of our earrings and designs all the way from the drawing table to the many work processes and handmade details. What makes our day is when we see women loving their ear jewelry carrying it in their everyday life as well as at major life events.

Elegant earrings and earstuds for the edgy romantic

At Dyrberg/Kern’s we care about romantic and feminine designs that has more power than others and that gives your look both edge and grace. That’s why you can find both earrings and ear studs in all sizes, ear jewelry in daring minimalistic designs, or ear hangers with romantic flower arabesques.

Materials and colours have to stand out, so you’ll find earrings in beautiful and powerful colours, ear hangers with elegant nature stones, crystals and pearls, as well as iconic designs in beautiful and timeless types of metal finish. At ours you’ll find earrings and earstuds in stainless precious metals and brass, silver plated or gold plated and in the rose gold look.

Precious stones and beautiful crystals

Do you love colours or have you fallen for a particular nuance, you can find crystal earrings with pretty whiffs of color as well as powerful feminine expressions with deep red, blue or black from nature stones. We offer a wealth of glamorous earrings with big facet cut crystals or earstuds or creols with Swarovski crystal details.

Smooth metals and a sublime finish

The handmade earrings have been made in smooth metals and precious metals with either   a gold or silver plated finish. Every season Dyrberg/Kern creates cool fashion designs for earrings with inspiration from the newest trends as well as its very own classic aesthetics. In this webshop you’ll find popular elegant earstuds with flattened brass and earrings with pendants in curvy golden plates, in rose gold or with a matte silver look.

How to take care of your Dyrberg/Kern earrings

The design and the many different types of quality material in your Dyrberg/Kern earrings has been made to last - even when you love your ear jewelry so much that you’ll wear it every single day! How do you clean your earrings with crystals, silver and intricate details?

  • Always use a clean cloth to clean your earrings. You can use gentle dishwash soap and a soft, clean toothbrush to cleanse the details of the design or the lock on your earrings and earstuds.
  • You can clean your earrings in metals as gold or silver with a small bath with two teaspoons of salt, aluminium foil and boiling water - avoid this method of cleaning with gold or silver plated earrings with stones, crystals or pearls!
  • Protect your earrings from exposure to direct sunlight, because they will oxidize over time and keep them separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches.