Spacer for jewelery design

If you want to give your Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern ring or another ring more volume, you can purchase a spacer for jewelery design on this page.
For example, choose to put a gold spacer together with a silver ring – or vice versa. By mixing metals you get a personal and unique look.

All our spacers are designed in high quality. And just like all our other jewelry, you get a spacer for your ring, which will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Design your own personal ring with a spacer for jewelry design< /h4>It feels special, but also extra satisfying to be able to say that you have designed your own piece of jewellery. Especially when the ring receives positive compliments from others.

If you want to give your Dyrberg/Kern Compliments ring or one of your other rings more volume, you can put a spacer together with your ring with a topping. In this way, you achieve a personal design ring that not everyone wears around on their fingers.
By designing your own ring, you get a personal ring, and by adding a spacer to it, you can create your very own personal expression.

Give your ring more volume with spacer< /h4>Should your ring have more volume, or be made even more unique and personal? Then you have come to the right place. By adding a spacer for jewelry designs to your ring, which you will find on this page, you can both expand and personalize your ring even more.

Our spacer for jewelry is available in different materials such as silver, gold and rose gold and in various designs and expressions. In this way, you can mix and match materials exactly as you wish, and thus create a unique and personal ring that best suits you and your style.
By adding a spacer to your ring, you can create a personal expression day by day. With several spacers, you can give your ring even more volume. And if you want a more classic ring, you can settle for a spacer and in that way give your ring a simple expression.

Buy spacers for your Dyrberg/Kern ring online

h4>On this page you will find a wide selection of different spacers - also called intermediate links - for your Dyrberg/Kern ring. Intermediate conductors are available in several different materials, designs and sizes. So there are plenty of opportunities to become your own jewelry designer with spacer.
Regardless of whether you prefer a simple and smooth design in your spacer or a model with more decoration, here on the site you will find a large range of spacers for jewelery designs.

Add extra personality to your ring with a spacer in gold, silver or rose gold. For example, if you mix your silver ring with a gold spacer - or vice versa - you get a personally created expression that looks super beautiful and elegant. With a spacer for your ring, only your imagination sets the limits.