Explore our beautiful assortment of necklaces from chokers to long chain necklaces matching your every need. 

Dyrberg/Kern Necklaces

Dyrberg/Kern offers charismatic necklaces, no matter if you’re looking for an extravagant and trendy choker, a glamorous pearl necklace or a minimalistic necklace in classic design with beautiful crystals.

The necklace trends are multiple, so if you’re looking for a big selection of trendy, feminine and distinctive necklaces, chokers, pearl necklaces and long chains, you’ve come to the right place. At Dyrberg/Kern the necklaces are made in quality materials with a beautiful finish and with the philosophy that a bulletproof, elegant and luxurious design must come to life with a wealth of necklaces and assorted types of neck jewelry.

Trendy chokers - necklaces with a strong sense of style

The closefitting choker necklaces are very trendy within the jewelry fashion these years, and this type of neck jewelry offers both minimalism and sexy metals as well as an abundance of cool details and majestic crystals!

At Dyrberg/Kern’s you’ll both find chokers with daring designs with a finish in precious metals and curvy forms. Elegant pendants prolongs the neck and gives a sexy uplift - no matter if you’re wearing the necklace with your evening dress with a plunging neckline or with the stylish turtleneck sweater.

Do you love pearls or crystals? You can also find chokers with loads of extravaganza as characteristic and large designs of necklaces with an abundance of nature pearls, braided neck ribbons in luxury materials and glittery compositions of pearls and crystals.

Classic necklaces and nordic style à la extravaganza

Dyrberg/Kern is known for its crystal details as well as our beautiful nature stone and semi-precious stones as pendants to a classic necklace in stainless steel. Are you looking for a subtle necklace for the everyday glamour, but also a necklace that is both expressive and unique, you’ll be able to find a multitude of different designs on necklaces with elegant pendants with us.

Necklaces in feminine colours and materials can get a charismatic boost with edgier chains in beautiful, solid metals as well as you can find more artistic and simple design classics in our broad selection of necklaces. You’ll be able to find nordic minimalism, highlighted materials and the weight of the design in many of the most beloved Dyrberg/Kern classics - i.e. a Fermi necklace with a pendant of two crystal covered rings.

Explore our catalogue and we guarantee that you’ll find your next favorite necklace for big life events and the glamour of everyday life. You’ll possibly even get inspired to find your very own expressive style, highlighted by a charismatic necklace.

How to take care of your necklaces - tips for maintenance of necklaces with crystals, freshwater pearls or fabrics

Necklaces with crystals and nature stones, pearls necklaces with delicate and soft mother-of-pearls as well as big decorative chokers with a wealth of details and different materials requires special care.

It is highly advised against to expose your necklace to larger quantities of water if your necklace has fabric details or braided leather chains, pearls of fabric or tassels or the like. Spray instead a mixture of gentle soap on a cloth and gently polish the freshwater pearls and fabric details on your necklace.

For necklaces with finer design details, soft materials as mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones or fragile golden plates we recommend cleansing by ultrasound.