Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelet

The range of Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelets consists of simple and feminine models that suit every type of woman of all ages. The bracelets can be combined for a personal look by, for example, wearing several bracelets together.

On this page you will find a wide selection of simple and adorable silver bracelets with stones, pearls and zircons for the feminine wrist.

Dyrberg Kern bracelet in silver – fine jewelery for the collection

A bracelet in silver can be put together in countless ways and show your personality, expression and your personal style. A bracelet that sits alone on your wrist gets full focus, whereas several bracelets together can give an even more personal expression.
If it is a thin silver bracelet, it radiates a fine and feminine choice of jewellery. A larger bracelet in silver, on the other hand, radiates a more pompous choice.

Create your own personal expression with one or more silver bracelets

Several bracelets put together show a very personal composition of jewelry that you either bought yourself or received as a gift. In this way, the bracelet shows your very own personal story, which can contain memories from, for example, a gift that you received for a very special occasion or a bracelet that you treated yourself to.

There There are no rules for how you put your bracelets together. They all contain your very own personal story, which can be a mixture of silver, gold, bracelets with pearls or stones, and which mean something very special to you.

Large selection of feminine Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelets< /h4>If you want a beautiful and feminine silver bracelet, you will find it here on the page in our large selection of silver bracelets. Whether it's an adorable bracelet with stones or zirconia crystals, we can certainly help you find your next exclusive Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelet. You can choose to wear them alone or combine them with other beautiful bracelets, so you can show your own personal style.

Here you can find all our silver bracelets, from the very simple bracelets to bracelets with stones in different colors. In this way, we are sure that you can find exactly the silver bracelet that you are looking for.

How to look after your silver bracelet

Make sure to maintain your silver bracelet. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to maintaining their jewellery, but it is important to keep it looking good for many years to come.

A bracelet in particular is a piece of jewelery exposed to wear and tear, as sits on the wrist, where it is exposed to daily stresses. Although Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelets are handmade quality products, you should give your silver bracelet good care so that it continues to look nice.

With the care tips below, you can enjoy your Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelet for many years:

  • Clean your silver bracelet at regular intervals with a cleaning cloth. If necessary, use a little gentle washing-up liquid.
  • Always take off your wristband when you have to play sports, take a shower, in the swimming pool or clean. Soap, sweat and water can be hard and wear on enamel, pearls and crystals.
  • Store your bracelet in a lined jewelery box when not in use. Direct sunlight can cause your silver bracelet to oxidize, just as the surfaces and edges can become scratched if it is left exposed in a bowl or similar together with other jewellery.

A The Dyrberg/Kern silver bracelet is perfect for emphasizing your personal style, and you can choose to either let the bracelet speak for itself or combine it with other bracelets for a different expression.