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Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings

Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings are the perfect accessory for both everyday life and parties. Regardless of whether you are looking for ear studs, creoles, hoops, dangling earrings or something completely new, you will find it here on the site.

All our gold earrings, like our other jewellery, are handmade and designed in Denmark. Dive into our wide range and be tempted by quality gold earrings.

Create a personal style with exclusive Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings

Earrings are one of the most classic jewelry for women. Use a pair of simple and discreet studs at work for a shirt, creoles for the swimwear on holiday and a pair of long dangling earrings for the prom dress. Regardless of the outfit and the occasion, a pair of Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings can always act as the perfect detail that completes your look.

A pair of gold earrings from Dyrberg/Kern is the perfect accessory to make your style more personal and exclusive. No matter what expression you are going for, here on this page you will find a pair of earrings that match your style.

Classic and timeless earrings in gold

Gold earrings are a classic and timeless element in every woman's jewelery collection. They are perfect for both everyday use and can also be matched for a more festive outfit.
For women, earrings are indispensable jewelry. Even small feminine earrings can complete a look and be the tasteful detail that makes a style or outfit appear complete. Others prefer large earrings, which give focus around the face.

Whether you are into small classic gold earrings or the fashionable long earrings in gold, our selection is always updated, so there is plenty to choose from.
Our selection of gold earrings is wide ranging, so you are sure to find the perfect pair for every occasion.

Gold plated earrings from Dyrberg/Kern

Earrings in gold are a beautiful and exclusive choice. and at the same time a piece of jewelery that can be used for any occasion. Many of our earrings are made of sterling silver and gold-plated with 14 carat gold. Earrings gold-plated with real gold provide an extra high quality that ensures that the earrings will remain beautiful for many years into the future.

Frame the face with a pair of beautiful Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings

A pair of gold earrings is a great piece of jewelry to frame your face. Earrings and studs are the type of jewelery that is closest to your eyes and thus emphasize your eye colour, skin tone and your face shape. Gold earrings therefore give you a very personal expression. Several holes in the ears give you many opportunities to use earrings fine or raw as statements and beautiful decorations very close to the face.

Gold earrings with stones

If you are into the very feminine style, then our gold earrings with stones and crystals are a really good choice. In particular, gold earrings with drop stones in beautiful colors and a beautiful faceted game suit women who love the feminine and glamorous style. Some of the stones are genuine semi-precious stones, while others are artificially produced crystals.
The crystal stones are most often faceted and can be both colored or completely clear, and together with the gold they give just the right luxurious look.

Large range of unique and modern gold earrings from Dyrberg/Kern

In our tasteful selection you will find a large assortment of gold earrings for women. It should be possible for every woman to find the jewelry that exactly compliments the unique personality and personal style.

Here on this page you will find a wide selection of Dyrberg/Kern gold earrings both with and without precious stones and crystals . The large range makes it possible for every woman to find just the ear studs or earrings in gold that match her wishes. While some are into a clean and timeless look, others want more distinctive and eye-catching designs.