Dyrberg/Kern rings sale

On this page you will find our entire selection of Dyrberg/Kern rings sale. Whether you are looking for a silver, gold or rose gold ring, with or without natural stones and crystals, we have gathered here all our discounted rings, which are naturally of the same good quality as you already know from all our others rings and jewellery.

Take a look here at all our discounted rings and find the next finger ring that will decorate your hands in the most beautiful way.

Popular Dyrberg/Kern rings on sale

Are you looking for your next everyday ring to spice up your look? Or perhaps a more eye-catching ring that will attract attention for any festive occasion? On this page, we have collected some of our popular Dyrberg/Kern rings on sale, so that everyone can afford luxury on their hands.

Our rings on offer consist of silver and 18 carat gold-plated silver. All our rings are handmade and of high quality, and if you take good care of them, you will have a ring for life - even if you bought it on sale

Colorful rings with gemstones and decoration on sale

Are you missing colors to brighten up the gray rainy days? Or maybe bling bling on the hands that can shine against the sun? Whether you are looking for a simple ring with a unique colored stone or a decorative cocktail ring, we have some great ideas for you – and even rings on sale.

At Dyrberg/Kern, we are experts when it's going to pick out gems in every color of the rainbow. If you are looking for an exclusive yet budget-friendly ring in silver or 18 carat gold with gemstones in many colours, then you can explore our Dyrberg/Kern ring sale. Here you will find rings with precious stones and decorations that really attract attention.

How to maintain your Dyrberg/Kern offer rings

Even if you buy a ring on sale, you must you make sure to maintain them. So they last longer.
Unfortunately, there are many who do not pay attention to maintaining their jewelry. This applies regardless of material and price, that your rings and other jewelery must be maintained.

You can see here how to maintain and care for your Dyrberg/Kern rings, so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. :

1. Take care of your rings
We recommend that you take your rings off when sleeping, playing sports, showering, in the swimming pool and when cleaning.
In general, you must avoid your rings coming into contact with any kind of chemicals. It is therefore also a good idea to put on your jewelery as the last thing before you go out the door.

2. Storing your rings
Put your rings in cloth or plastic bags separately when you are not wearing them. In this way, you avoid your rings lying around and being scratched together with other jewellery.

3. How to clean your rings yourself
Many will find that their silver rings become dirty and oxidized over time. This says nothing about the quality of the ring, but is a natural process that occurs due to the body's acid and sweat. In addition, rings also collect dirt from creams and the like.

You can clean your rings by using:

  • A regular universal or polishing cloth. If your ring has one or more pearls or stones, it is a good idea to polish them each time after use. Pearls are a natural product which is extra susceptible to dirt and grime.
  • Put your rings in lukewarm water with a little washing-up liquid added. Leave it for 10 minutes and clean them with a clean toothbrush and a cleaning cloth. Note: this treatment must not be used for pearls, but preferably for jewelery with precious stones.
  • You can also use a polishing cloth which is particularly suitable for silver jewellery.
  • Silver paper, boiling water and salt is another way you can make your silver rings look like new again. Put boiling water in a bowl with silver paper at the bottom and add a bit of coarse salt. Leave your rings there for a few minutes. Note: this method must not be used if your ring has gemstones.