Design your own jewelry

Step 1. Choose your ring or bracelet.

Step 2. Find one or more toppings that matches your style.

Step 3. Twist on the topping on your ring/bracelet and create your own personal look. 


Design your own Dyrberg/Kern jewellery

Have you always dreamed of designing your own jewellery? Then you have come to the right place.
With the Compliments series, you have the opportunity to design your own Dyrberg/Kern jewellery, exactly as you want.

Compliments is a unique series of rings and bracelets that you can put together entirely yourself with the stones and pearls, as you wish.
Create a unique piece of jewelry for every occasion. The only limit to how your personally designed Dyrberg/Kern jewelry should look is your imagination.

Become your own jewelry designer with Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern

With With the Compliments jewelry series, you can become your own Dyrberg/Kern jewelry designer, and you can create exactly the jewelry you dream of. The only limits are your imagination and creativity.

The Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern series consists of rings and bracelets in silver, gold, rose gold and gun metal. You decorate the jewelery yourself with the pearls, crystals and stones that you like best. you can put on as many pearls and stones as you like, and you can take them off and move around as often as you like - depending on your outfit and your mood.

With Compliments, you can therefore design your own Dyrberg/Kern jewelery and thus become your own jewelery designer, live out your creativity and constantly change the expression of your jewellery, depending on what the jewelery has to match.
One day it might be the simple and toned-down style with simple jewelry and muted colors, while the next day you go full throttle with party and bang colors. The possibilities are endless, and it's up to you to mix and match your jewelry and create new styles every day with your own jewelry design.

Design a personal piece of jewelry for someone you have love

Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern is a good gift idea for your friend, mother, sister or another woman you love. The jewelery can be expanded to infinity, and in this way you can design a completely personal piece of jewelery that every woman will love to wear.

If you wish to expand the Compliments designer jewelery over time, it is always possible to replace the elements. The prices for a piece of jewelry of your own design from Dyrberg/Kern are affordable, so everyone has the opportunity to participate.

How to design your own Dyrberg/Kern jewelry

Compliments is a unique series of bracelets and rings that you can put together entirely yourself with the stones, crystals, pearls and decoration that you want.
By designing your own Dyrberg/Kern jewellery, you can create a sumptuous piece of jewelery for festive occasions or a minimalist piece of jewelery for everyday use. The possibilities are many, and it is therefore only the imagination that sets the limits of how your Compliments piece of jewelery should look.

When you have to design your own Dyrberg/Kern piece of jewellery, there are three steps you must go through and decide on:

1. Choose your ring or bracelet

2. Find one or more toppings that you think suit you and your personality

3. Screw the topping on your ring or bracelet and create your own personal and unique look

Use your imagination and your creative abilities or be inspired by the suggestions you will find on this page. Only your own imagination sets limits, and with the Compliments by Dyrberg/Kern series you become your own jewelery designer.