Design your own jewelry

Step 1. Choose your ring or bracelet.

Step 2. Find one or more toppings that matches your style.

Step 3. Twist on the topping on your ring/bracelet and create your own personal look. 


Twist and Change!  Design your own jewelry with COMPLIMENTS by DYRBERG KERN.

Imagine thousands of variations of your own rings and bracelets - right in front of your nose! COMPLIMENTS is a modern flexible jewelry system of rings and bracelets with matching jewelry tops that you screw on - depending on your outfit and mood today!

COMPLIMENTS are designed in polished steel and are available in gold, rose-pink gold, gun metal and of course the silver colored steel. TOPPINGS that you screw on are all suitable for both rings and bracelets. Only your own imagination decides: Mix metals together - gold and silver. Mix colors on gemstones and crystals and natural stones.

Be creative and imaginative - or be inspired by the suggestions we make here. Only your own imagination sets the limits. You are your own designer with COMPLIMENTS. Get started.