Discover our large range of bracelets here. Use them individually or stack them to create your own personal arm candy look. 

Dyrberg/Kern Bracelets

Longing for sublime design, elegant crystals or smooth metal surfaces? Dyrberg/Kern bracelets are made from beautiful materials with iconic yet simple designs and are easily combined with your own personal style.

A sparkling and iconic bracelet puts the final touch on your work outfit for the perfect day at the job. A bracelet can also be a beloved companion that makes you feel well dressed from the early morning - or for the party of the evening.

The right bracelet for everyday use and special occasions - and everything else!

In this webshop you’ll be able to find handmade bracelets in quality materials, bracelets with chains and glittery crystal details, and timeless bangles with feminine details. You can wear the bracelet alone to highlight certain colours or the graceful details of the design’s minimalism or even choose to combine multiple bracelets and create an unique luxury bohemian look.

Feel free to play around with your taste when combining the bracelets: go for bracelets in the same colour range and material or make powerful contrasts with bracelets in different styles - everything’s right at hand in one of the many designs of the Dyrberg/Kern bracelets.

Soft metals and feminine bracelets with power

Looking for a bracelet with an iconic and minimalistic design? Check our bracelets in gold plated stainless steel with winding forms embracing your arm giving a trendy look to your personal style. The classic bangle has a practical hidden lock and exudes a fresh vibe with its clean cut contrast colours, for an example blue, green, yellow and red contrasting deep gold or silver colours.

For the romantic the catalogue offers an abundance of bracelets with feminine details as flower vines and delicate patterns, glimmering details in crystal, stones and rose gold colours.

Trendy bracelets - glamourous gladness

The classic Dyrberg/kern crystal trademark is exhibited in the abundant selection of materials and colours in bracelets with crystals. If you’re looking for bracelets covered in Swarovski crystals or arm chains with delicate patterns, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones, you’ve come to the right place.

On the other hand you’ll also find loads of powerful and edgy designs on our arm chains decorated with strong chains, simple bangles with surfaces in matte metal and luxurious gold. Try to mix the glittering, playful design on bracelets with large and small crystals with the more edgy and glamorous designs on our arm chains.

How do you maintain your bracelets?

A bracelet easily shows signs of wear and it’s often exposed to minor accidents that happen unavoidably. Even though the bracelets of Dyrberg/Kern are handmade in strong and lasting designs, we recommend precaution and the right care.

How to keep your bracelets in beautiful shape for years:

  • Clean your bracelets often with a cloth, from time to time with a dot of gentle detergent
  • Always take your bracelets of when showering, exercising or cleaning - harsh soaps, water and sweat tears enamel, crystals and pearls and can wear out the lock on your bracelet
  • Keep your bracelets in a padded jewelry box when they’re not in use. Direct sunlight oxidizes metals and edges and surfaces can get scratches if you leave your bracelets out mixed in with other jewelry in an open box or the likes of it.